Agadir Cruises

A cruise around the Mediterranean isn’t all visiting European destinations, with a number of cruise lines operating trips that also visit the Northern coast of Africa.

One of the top ports on African soil is Agadir, which sits on the Moroccan coast close to the Atlas Mountains.

The modern day resort emerged from the ruins of the original city after an earthquake in the 1960s, with the remains of the ancient city being one of the attractions for those who head ashore during their cruise.

In particular, the hill top Kasbah – the outer walls of which remain – are worth checking out, with traces of the dwellings within that once housed hundreds of people still being visible.

As well as visiting a small museum that tells some of the stories of the city, you can take a look down across modern day Agadir below, where you’ll find bustling markets – or souks – where you can seek out all manner of bargains.

There are also plenty of traditional restaurants that serve first-rate Moroccan cuisine, many of which can be found around the harbour - meaning you don’t have to worry about travelling too far from the ship.

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, then the Souss Massa National Park sits close to the city and is home to expansive wetland and towering dunes that could be straight from the Sahara.

Take a day trip here rather than staying in Agadir and you can expect to see all manner of different birds, which might include the northern bald ibis if you are lucky.

Taroudant is another potential destination outside Agadir, with the ancient walled city being famed for its market, where you can purchase a range of traditional goods.

You might also choose to take a ride around the streets on Morocco’s answer to the horse and carriage for one of those unique holiday experiences.

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