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Ajaccio is the biggest town to be found on the island of Corsica, and is a popular port for a number of the ships that are sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Situated off the southern coast of the French mainland, Corsica is famous for being the birthplace of the famous military figure Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born in Ajaccio in the late 1760s.

It should therefore come as little surprise that anyone visiting Ajaccio on a cruise holiday will be able to visit a range of sites that are tied into the life of the French military leader.

Chief amongst them is Maison Bonaparte, the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family and the place where Napolean was born. The house has a museum since the late 1960s, and provides a great opportunity to learn more about one of the biggest figures in European political history.

You can also visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, where Napolean was baptised, or the Imperial Chapel where a number of members of the Bonaparte family are buried.

A monument to Napoleon in the heart of the city is another popular attraction.

Ajaccio is about more than just the Bonaparte family however, with the citadel that became a prison during the Second World War and a range of museums covering all manner of different topics.

These include the Bandera Museum as well as Musée Fesch, where you can admire work from some of the top Italian renaissance artists.

A stroll through the Old Town area means you can really embrace the laid-back vibe of Ajaccio, with colourful old buildings housing various bars, cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat or sample some of the local wines.

You might also want to visit the local market in search of some souvenirs or could book a trip to explore other areas of the island, which include the Scandola Nature Reserve – where you’ll have chance to examine stunning rock formations and caves and also see some of the native wildlife.

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