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Aqaba sits on the coast of Jordan and is one of the top destinations for anyone on a cruise around the Middle East, down in no small part to the fact that it provides the chance to visit the ancient city of Petra.

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra dates back thousands of years and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its archeological importance.

One of the highlight of any cruise around the Middle East, Petra is accessed via a walk through a near mile long gorge known as the Six before you reach the stunning site of the ancient city carved out of the sandstone walls.

You’ll have the chance to marvel at impressive temples and tombs that include the Khazneh and the Royal Tombs, and the huge Roman Amphitheatre that seated more than 3,000 people and - like the other buildings - was carved by hand.

A trip to Petra will allow you to gain an insight into how tribes lived in a time that couldn’t be more different to the one we live in today - although you can see how locals still live by visiting nearby Wadi Rum.

Also known as the Valley of the Moon, the protected reserve has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is home to a number of Bedouin tribes who make a large part of their living from eco-tourism, offering activities like guided walks, rock climbing and camel rides.

Whilst Aqaba is largely a gateway to the surrounding area, the city itself has a number of attractions that might appeal to those visiting on a cruise, including the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, which sits in the old town area close to the historic fort and the large flagpole flying the flag of the Arab Revolt, which you’ll be able to see as you cruise into the city.

You could also head for a local restaurant to sample a mezzo of traditional Arab dishes; a treat that is sure to tickle the tastebuds.

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