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Colón is located at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal and is widely regarded as the second city in the country after the capital Panana City.

The city is visited by a number of cruise ships as they prepare to head through the canal, providing a chance to visit some of the local sights - like the imposing cathedral and nearby Portobelo National Park.

In the latter, you can hike through the forests, explore the ruins of San Lorenzo Castle and Fort or check out the varied wildlife both on land and in the water.

Colón is a great place to sample some local seafood, which is widely available in the various restaurants and cafes, whilst sancocho - a stew-like soup - is another staple dish.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy some duty free shopping, with Colón being home to a large free trade area.

As in Panama City at the end of the canal, one of the attractions available to visitors is to head for the nearest locks to marvel at the way in which the big ships make the trip from one ocean to the other.

Special tours that include a visit to the Gatun Locks may be available depending on which cruise line you are travelling with, providing an alternative view to the one you’ll get when you pass through on your ship.

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