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Khasab is the perfect destination to visit if you want to see the more scenic side of the Middle East during your time cruising around the region.

It’s a world away from the likes of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha where the impact of big business and industry is now clear to see, with the small port town offering the chance to see a more authentic side to the Emirates.

Truth be told, there is actually little to see within Khasab itself, aside from a small castle built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, the local mosque and a small souk where you can try and secure yourself a bargain.

Most people who arrive in Khasab on a cruise will instead head away from the port to explore the scenic beauty of a wider region that is known as the 'Norway of Arabia'.

That’s because the area around Khasab is home to a number of stunning fjords that can visit onboard a traditional dhow.

Whilst onboard, you might also be lucky enough to spot the dolphins that can be found in the waters around the coast, or head off to explore nearby Telegraph Island.

Once home to a British repeater station on the telegraph route from Bombay to London, the island has been abandoned since the 1870s, with visitors now able to explore the ruins of the old station.

The waters around Khasab are also great for snorkelling and diving if the activities are provided by your cruise line.

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