Northern Europe Cruises

The waters around Europe are hugely popular with people who want to enjoy a cruise holiday, as can be seen by the many people who head for the Mediterranean every year.

However, the Med isn’t the only area of Europe that is worth exploring on a cruise holiday, with Northern Europe also well worth checking out.

Okay so the weather might not be quite as warm as it would be sailing around the coast of Spain or Italy in the height of summer but that shouldn’t make the region any less appealing.

In fact, the stunning scenery that awaits is more than a match for anything that the Med has to offer.

For a start, you’d be hard pushed to beat Iceland when it comes to natural beauty, with rugged glacial landscapes, towering landscapes and world famous hot springs that you can explore whilst ashore.

The Norwegian fjords are another dramatic backdrop to a cruise holiday as you sail through deep waters created by years of glacial erosion, whilst the Faroe Islands are something of a hidden gem for travellers who visit one of Europe’s oldest capital cities and seek out the local wildlife.

There’s also a good chance that whilst sailing in the waters around Northern Europe, that you could encounter the famous Northern Lights.

Northern Europe isn’t just about scenery however, with big cities like Helsinki, Stockholm and St Petersburg offering all manner of attractions to cater for all tastes.

As with most European-based cruises, it’s possible to sail to Northern Europe from the UK - making it easily accessible for those who don’t want to venture far from home.

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