Panama City Cruises

Panama City is the capital and largest city in Panama and can be found close to the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.

It’s a stopping point for a number of ships that are cruising through the canal, with the port at Fuerte Amador - linked to the city via a mile-long causeway - acting as the gateway to the capital.

During a stop in Panama City, there are various things you might want to explore, including a museum all about the Panama Canal, the presidential palace, the imposing cathedral and the National Theatre - which originally dates back to the early 1900s.

You might also want to sample some local Panamanian food from a traditional fonda diner or do some shopping in the stores around Casco Viejo or El Faros, where you can look to pick up some locally made goods.

The Metropolitan Natural Park in also worth checking out to take in views across the city and to see some of the native wildlife. You could even book a special trip that allows you to go up into the canopy of the forest where you’ll get up close to the hundreds of different species of bird that are within the park.

As well as the modern day city, plenty of people take the opportunity to explore Panamá Viejo - the remains of what was the original city before but was destroyed by fire in the 1600s.

Now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ruins of Panamá Viejo are well worth a visit as is the historical district of the 'new' City, where you can marvel at the different architectural styles that reflect the multi-cultural diversity of Panama.

Depending on how much time you have available, you could visit the locks at Miraflores to see how the unique canal system operates at close quarters, with a visitors centre being found on site.

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