Transatlantic Cruises

Whilst you can now fly from London to New York in little more than eight hours, that hasn’t always been the case when it comes to travelling across the Atlantic to the USA.

Back before the advent of passenger air travel, the only way to travel transatlantic was by sea and it remains a popular way to make the journey – albeit in much more luxurious surroundings than in the past.

A number of cruise lines operate trips that provide you with the chance to enjoy one of the world’s great sea voyages, following in the footsteps of some of the great explorers of years gone by.

Boarding your ship on home soil without the need to take a flight, you can then travel in luxurious surroundings across the Atlantic Ocean – making full use of the many top quality facilities that exist on modern day vessels.

Your own voyage of discovery could include that famous trip past the Statue of Liberty into New York but could also see you head off to embrace the delights of the Caribbean Islands.

You might elect to take an alternative route that grants an opportunity to visit the likes of Iceland, before crossing over to Canada and North America.

A transatlantic cruise is also well worth considering as part of a larger holiday experience.

Perhaps you might want your trip across the Atlantic to cover before a five night stay in New York embracing everything that the Big Apple has to offer, or perhaps you like the idea of sailing to the USA before taking a road trip cross country from East coast to West.

Whether you simply want to enjoy the experience of a famous trip at sea, or want to combine it with something else to make an extra special experience, a transatlantic cruise is something that is sure to live long in the memory.

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