The fact that you’re here on reading this blog means there is a good chance that you are already interested in booking a cruise holiday.

However, you might still need a little persuasion that a cruise is the right holiday for you, here is our top ten reasons why you should take a holiday at sea…

1: Value for money

The amount you’ll pay per night for a cruise is often less than you’d pay for a night in a traditional hotel - especially when then you take into account things like evening entertainment and meals that are included in your cruise but might be an extra in a hotel.

You’ll also have the added bonus of an ever-changing view from your window and the opportunity to explore much more than if you’d restricted yourself to a traditional resort break. Which leads us to…

2: Variety

Even a week in a resort can seem like too long once you realise that you’ve done everything there is to do, and have seen everything you want to see.

That’s not an issue you’re going to have to worry about on a cruise, with something new to see and somewhere new to visit almost every day, no matter which area of the world you have elected to visit.

3: All about entertainment

You can’t fail to be entertained when on a cruise, with something in place to suit all tastes and all ages.

No matter whether you want to catch a show, dance the night away, enjoy the big game, be educated, sample a new sport or simply have fun, you can do – and can do it in one place.

When it comes to entertainment, a cruise brings everything to you, rather than you having to head off in search of something to do in a traditional holiday resort.

4: Culture

There’s plenty to see if you take a trip to Barcelona, whilst Rome is a city where you can marvel at thousands of years of history. It’s a similar story in Athens, whilst the millionaires playground of Monte Carlo is somewhere that has to be seen to be believed.

But why book four separate holidays when you can see it all on a cruise? It's one of the biggest reasons why a cruise is such a great holiday for lovers of culture, who can embrace a huge amount during their time away.

5: Social scene

A cruise is a great way to make friends, and you can make the most of the opportunity to meet new people and share experiences with like-minded travellers from around the world.

You don't have to worry about being part of a group either, as many cruises have trips that are ideal for single people who might want to socialise with new people.

6: Simplicity

When you book a cruise, everything is sorted. Just choose the ship, where you want to go and you’re ready to go. There’s need to worry about transfers from place to place as you’ve got that covered and you also only need to unpack your bags once. It’s one of the most straight-forward ways to enjoy a holiday.

7: All shapes and sizes

If you are a family, you might want the latest megaship packed with facilities and things to do. But if you’re travelling alone you might prefer a smaller and more intimate vessel.

It doesn’t matter – there’s plenty of variety in the cruise industry to cater for everyone.

8: You don’t have to hit the ocean

Do you like the idea of a cruise but worried about the possibility of feeling sick at sea? Then why not consider a river cruise, which offers the same experience but on a smaller scale.

9: Fine dining

You’ll enjoy stunning fine dining when you embark on a cruise, with the kind of variety that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Cruise lines tend to focus on a food that reflects the area in which you are sailing to provide a more authentic experience, with top chefs like Marco Pierre White, Michael Schwartz, Jacques Pepin and Geoffrey Zakarian amongst those to have a presence on ships currently in operation.

10: Satisfaction

People who head off on cruise holiday tend to then book another – and with good reason. High levels of service across the industry and first-rate experiences that will live long in the memory mean satisfied customers keep coming back for more.

Why don't you join them?