We’ve currently got an offer available on the website that is nothing short of astonishing when it comes to value for money.

Cruise & Maritime are currently offering a Round the World trip on their Buy One Get One Free campaign, meaning you could take see the globe at a price of just £8,889 per person for a 120 night voyage.

Break it down, and that’s a cost of under £75 a night for the opportunity to take part in a trip that visits the likes of Colombia, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and Morocco – and which also passes through the Panama Canal.

That’s less than you could spend on a night in a hotel in the likes of London or Manchester…

Of course a world cruise is one that will only appeal to a certain type of person, as the prospect of spending months at seas isn’t something that will work for everyone.

But that doesn’t mean that a you should automatically discount a world cruise from the equation when you are looking into your next adventure.

In fact, the number of people travelling on a full world cruise – regardless of the cruise operator – is probably lower than you might expect.

Of course, there will be those who will embrace the opportunity to sail on a ‘Grand Voyage’ to all corners of the globe and have both the time and funds available to do so.

But you can still gain a taste of what a world cruise is all about by picking and choosing the best elements of a voyage, and missing out those bits that don’t appeal….

That’s because cruise lines are aware that the market is limited when it comes to longer voyages, such as a trip around the world or an extended outing around a specific region – such as the 48 night South American Adventure we’re currently promoting with Holland America Line.

Instead, cruise lines provide the chance to split longer trips down into segments, which are effectively what most people might consider to be a ‘traditional cruise’ that is simply run within another cruise.

A shorter two week trip on part of an itinerary gives a taster of what a world cruise is all about, and also means you can focus firmly on an area that you really want to explore.

You also don’t need to worry about the sea days that invariably come from a trip around the world, where you can spend days on end without seeing land as you sail across the ocean from one continent to another.

Alternatively, you might decide to miss out those sea days by splitting up a world cruise with a land-based break, leaving the ship in one port and then rejoining it in another.

Regardless of whether you want to book a world cruise, or an extended Grand Voyage, in its entirety of if you want to simply book onto a segment of the journey then get in touch today and we can help you to explore the very best that the world has to offer…